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Flamangoes appreciation post

I love you, Harriett. <3 <3 <3



Flamangoes appreciation post

I love you, Harriett. <3 <3 <3

Can we vote multiple times?!

You can (and are encouraged to) vote in all 3 polls, but I think it’ll restrict you from voting more than once per day. Which means that if you hate someone different when another video comes out you can update it though! 

Who sucks the most poll, take three

Alright, let’s try this one more time!

Edit: let’s just pretend that “except Ben and Balthy” also includes an exception for Dogberry (sorry!), shall we? I really think 3 polls in one night is probably sufficient.

vidconukulelegirl said: I would say "MEN ALL MEN" in the poll but BEN and BALTHY soooooo

lol do I need to make a third poll?

JUST ALL OF THEM EVERY SINGLE ONE (except Dogberry he’s fine and I suppose Ben’s going to get better but) EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.
I vote for the BOYS SUCK option xD

Okay I have made a new version since I couldn’t edit the old one. 

Whoa. This was a tough choice. Not caring for any of these dudes right now.

I actually went back and tried to add MEN ALL MEN as an option but it wouldn’t let me edit it, alas.


Can I just say I really miss Ben vlogging?

petition for awkward-manatee to start a personal vlog from a shower just to help tide us over.

Fun/terrible poll time!

I mean they all currently suck, but who do you hate most right now and why? John? Claudio? Robbie? Someone else?

I made a poll here so we can get an easy graph of the general opinion. What do you think?

Edit: some people wanted an additional option for general misandry but I couldn’t edit the old poll so I’ve made a second one. Feel free to vote again, your results won’t carry over. 

Edit 2: And here’s a third! I’m actually really interested to compare them, like what happens when you don’t have the option to exclude Ben and Balthy from MEN ALL MEN, or when you have to pick a specific person. Vote in all three!



Forgive me if this has already been discussed, but…what is John’s motive? I never got a clear idea of it in MAAN (which granted I’m still pretty new to), and I really have no idea what it is here. What do you all think?

I think it’s tough to be the brother to the All Around Great Guy. Judging from Ben’s behavior towards John in “Hypothetically,” and Claudio and Pedro’s kind of passive reaction to it, Pedro and his friend group have never warmed up to John for whatever reason. I think that’s why John tries (but thankfully ultimately fails) to destroy the happiness of Pedro’s friends and simultaneously take down Pedro’s “golden boy” status by convincing him to lead the accusations.

In Muchado, John is a bastard, so perhaps he’s got some jealousy of Pedro for being the heir slash other people in general for having better prospects than he does? I wonder if in this he’s a half- or step-brother and feels like their parents love Pedro more.