I like it. Still clear, but shorter. Let’s do that instead of #kitrlivestream then. Tagging shipwreckedcomedy

(It’s being pointed out on twitter right now that the tag will also let people who can’t make it tonight catch up on the commentary tomorrow or whenever. So that’s a good thing too.)

Make it so. Make it a thing. You are the shipwrecked BNF with the power to make it A Thing. Thusly.

Lol I appreciate your confidence in my powers. Although that is basically what that post is trying to do, in a non-authoritarian sort of way.

If anyone has any shorter suggestions for hashtags (hence why I rejected #shipwreckedlivestream), that could be kind of useful, although the last thing we need is multiple competing options or a hashtag that’s also used for a totally different event, so #kitrlivestream is probably fine.

I posted this as a reblog but since that won’t show up in the tag, I figured I’d mention it again: I think it would be useful to have a hashtag so we can chat about shipwreckedcomedy's livestream together while it's going on: I'm nominating #kitrlivestream unless anyone else wants to suggest anything. 

Update: imaginarycircus has suggested #kitrchat which I propose we switch to since it’s shorter. 

“If men’s kindnesses toward women were really only kindnesses, a man would be pleased if another man or woman offered these kindnesses to him. He would be pleased if another man or woman lit his cigarette or pulled out his chair for him. He would be pleased to derive his income, prestige, power and even his identity from his partner. He would take pride in another man’s or woman’s offer to walk him to his car at night. But in fact, “one of the very nasty things that can happen to a man is his being treated or seen as a woman, or womanlike.”
(Frye 1983, p. 136).”

Dee L.R. Graham (1995), Loving to Survive

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Yeah!  This reality hit me a few months ago when a teenage boy at work said to another teenage boy, “ladies first!” in order to insult him.  Chivalry is not about respect or kindness.

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Shipwrecked Livestream tonight at 9pm PT!



Just a friendly reminder that we’ll be hosting a livestream event tonight (Sunday 4/20) at 9pm PT with marykatewiles, seanpersaud, sineadpersaud, and yulinkuang​! (What time is this for me?)

We’ll post a link to the Google+ livestream on tumblr and on twitter shortly before we begin. It should be available for viewing on our YouTube channel following the event, so long as everything goes swimmingly tech-wise.

We will be watching the first six episodes of Kissing in the Rain and then screening our previous series, A Tell Tale Vlog. We hope you’ll be able to join us!




Much love,


I guess I’ve been a little behind on the times on my tumblring, because this is the first I’ve heard of this. Looks like fun times!

Pretty sure I’m actually going to make this! Yay!

Shall we come up with a twitter hashtag to use to all talk about it while we’re watching? Maybe #KitRlivestream (hashtags aren’t case sensitive). And/or just take over the youtube comments (make sure you have a fannish google account if you don’t want your comments associated with your real name).

yulinkuang replied to your post: Night Circus replies

Still working through Anna and the French Kiss!

Well, I’m glad your getting it out inspired me to read it finally anyway! And do let us know when you’re reading/have read it! 

Night Circus replies

flightofthelbd replied to your post: Wow. Night Circus.

Gah, I’m out of sync with the spinstr book club! I just finished Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

I’ve been meaning to get around to Night Circus for ages and then when I saw that yulinkuang had gotten it out of the library I figured that was as good a cue as any. (Yulin, have you read it yet?)

blessed-but-distressed replied to your post: Wow. Night Circus.

Night Circus is great. Will add Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Book Store to my list of things to read.

1ardentadmirer replied to your post: Wow. Night Circus.

Glad you liked it - have to reread it. Never got around to Penumbra, but he had agreed to do a Sanditon HO - we just couldn’t find a time. Then I got really busy.

That is super cool, as I have said already on twitter.

yesknopemaybe replied to your post: Wow. Night Circus.

Such a great book! I had a hard time with Penumbra though. Did you ever feel like it was an advertisement for google? Lol, I was just so done with the main character by the end. But I loved the secret book parts.

There was a fair bit of google parts but I’m kinda a google fangirl so I liked them. The description of the google books digitization machine was pretty cool, I don’t know how accurate, but cool. I would say it’s a book you read mostly for the puzzle/story/intrigue, but I don’t have strong memories about liking or disliking the characters in particular. Other people’s thoughts may differ though. 

matterofawesome replied to your post: Wow. Night Circus.

Adding mr penumbra’s right now on goodreads to my ‘to read’ list!

anonsally replied to your post: Wow. Night Circus.

Thanks for the rec! I’ll add it to the list… Glad you liked The Night Circus. I am nearly finished rereading and will have to spend a little while organising my thoughts on it (I currently have pages upon pages of notes) but I plan to post more…

I would love to hear your thoughts on it whenever you get the chance! 

Wow. Night Circus.

I’m still in awe.

I can’t words right now. 

But also for all those people who recommended it to me, I think you’d love Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, if you haven’t read it already. 

shipwreckedcomedy have you seen this.

shipwreckedcomedy have you seen this.

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