I suddenly feel very tired. 

This was really well done. 

So well done. I was on tenterhooks the whole time being like, are they going to do the thing? AND THEN THEY DID THE THING. AND IT EVEN MADE SENSE.

So, Taj Mahal as a parallel for the fairytale castle on the moon? I feel like these episodes are ripe for parallels. 

Kissing in the Rain AU :: F**king in the Flurries— coined by @clavisa
Porn stars Laura and Johnathan keep finding themselves on shoots where they have sex in the snow, despite not being particularly fond of one another.

Oh my fucking god. Er, no pun intended.

Kissing in the Rain AU :: F**king in the Flurries
— coined by @clavisa

Porn stars Laura and Johnathan keep finding themselves on shoots where they have sex in the snow, despite not being particularly fond of one another.

Oh my fucking god. Er, no pun intended.


Well, I mean, best to have an even 7 of these things right?


Well, I mean, best to have an even 7 of these things right?

Hugging in the Sun: A Pam x Sirius fic

Sirius is a excellent hugger. His mom has been telling him this since he was a little boy, so he knows it must be true. In retrospect, it might have just been a way of encouraging him to continue to be physically affectionate despite a whole society of gendered conditioning. But he likes the idea of being an excellent hugger, and if you repeat something often enough it has a way of becoming true anyway.

Pam finds hugging pretty terrible. She supposes she hasn’t always done so, but she had the largest bust in her grade as soon as such things were relevant, and that made hugging kind of…yeah. Occasionally she vows to move to France or some other land of cheek-kisses where hugging wouldn’t be so common. Hell, some days she’d even rather kiss people on the lips: it would be less intimate than pressing her entire body against them.

So how did Sirius and Pam end up hugging each other in the bright summer sunshine, you may ask?

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clavisa, you are a lunatic. An awesome, wonderfully goofy, super hilarious lunatic.

why thank you :)

Based on the livestream, fics that need to be written


How Edgar and Annabelle got from telltale birthday to kitr (maybe told like Annabelle relating story to Lenore)

Lily gets mad at Pam about Sirius

James gets mad at Sirius about Pam

Pam and Sirius play drink when they kiss while marathoning Lily and James’ movies

James’ kissing diary

Lily and james only having one friend each

Alternates to kissing in the rain e.g. Snuggling in the snow and ones I don’t feel comfortable typing because my parents insisted on following me on tumblr to make sure I’m being good. If you’re curious, check out the comments of the livestream or ask clavisa

Not kissing in the rain, but Annabelle and Lenore anything because they’re friends but they’re never in the same video

Did I miss anything?

There were SOME other innocent alternatives, like hugging in the sun and frolicking in the fog and I’m sorry but when something like f***ing in the flurries occurs to you, you can’t just not say it. At least I couldn’t :D. Even if it’s a bit weird to contemplate because it feels like we know these guys. 

You are my capy
My capybara
You make me feel less crappy
When skies are grey

You’ll never know, deer,
How much I moose you
So please don’t take my capy away

The other night, deer,
As I lay sheeping
I dreamed I held you in my hooves

When I awoke, deer,
I was moose-taken
So I hung my antlers and cried

You are my capy
My capybara…

KitR capymoose AU

You’ll Never Know, Dear


The eyeroll was planned.

Not only did she plan it, she practiced it as she struggled to remember chord fingerings and suffered through the stinging pain in her left-hand fingertips that came from being enough out of practice to lose all her calluses.

Because here was the thing. Once You Are My Sunshine presented itself to Lily’s brain, it left no room for any other songs, and she knew that if she was going to go through with this ridiculous display of feelings, she was stuck with that line: “You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you.” She tried to convince herself it was okay because everyone knows that song lyrics don’t count the same way real words do.

But people don’t always know. She had a boyfriend in high school with whom she always sang “I’ll make love to you like you want me to,” and to her it was just their thing, singing that song. They both had good voices for it and they liked singing it, but then he took it as a promise and tried to collect on it, resulting in a blow-up argument and a messy breakup.

So maybe she shouldn’t count on that. Hence, the eyeroll.

Because obviously it would be ridiculous to show up at a guy’s doorstep unsure of whether he even liked you with a completely honest declaration of love. Who does that? Okay, countless film characters do that all the time, but real people? Lily? Ha, no. So the eyeroll was a buffer. It was plausible deniability. It was I’m putting myself out there enough with this grand gesture with a not-so-original song, I don’t need to go throwing I love you into the mix.

Except that was the first thing he picked up on. After the last strummed chord died away and Lily allowed her burning fingertips to relax from the rasp of the strings, James stood there quietly for several moments, absorbing the impact of the gesture in a way that was beautifully and infuriatingly James, then frowned and asked, “You love me?”

It sounded incredulous in a way that Lily didn’t quite trust, and she couldn’t possibly tell him that the moment the word “love” came out of his mouth, she knew it was true, that it was a word that perfectly described the way all her insides seemed to fall apart as she stared up into his dark, searching eyes.

But he’d never know that. Okay, maybe not never, but certainly not yet. She settled for the technically true but equivocal “I don’t hate you,” and hoped he’d get something out of the subtext.



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