I didna realize you did it face-to-face. I thought you must do it the back way, you know, like—like horses, ye ken.” - Jamie Fraser


The advantage of wearing a kilt, it’s easy to take off. 

Where did you learn to kiss like that?


And when you  k i s s e d  me like that,

                  well maybe you weren’t so sorry to be marrying me after all.


requested by anonymous 

I saw a lot of sexaytimes gifs, but tbh NOT ENOUGH like, if you see the booty and you gif the booty, share the booty lol (now I’m wondering why the heck people follow ME. Maybe they also love the booty xD)

I suppose we could all go check the tag. I’m sure there’s some hot outlander booty there. 

No, I meant is it okay if instead of complimenting you, I _complain_ about you. I guess it was funnier in my head…

Yeah tone of voice definitely didn’t register. Oh well. It let me make an interesting point.