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I just finished The Beacon at Alexandria by Gillian Bradshaw a few days ago.  It was wonderful!  If you don’t know it, it’s about a young woman who wants to be a doctor in 4th century eastern Roman Empire*.  It had all the things I love in historical fiction - accuracy, interesting details of everyday life, daring, family life, and difficult romance.  love it.  So hard to find.  The difficult/forbidden romance is the easiest, followed by the daring and bravery and dashingness.  But the accuracy and interestingness of the historical aspect is hard. The same is true for science fiction writing - world building is the hardest to do well.  Anyway, I thought, “Sweet! I can put this into whatdoireadnext.com and get something I’ve never heard of!!”**

and here, dear readers, is what happened:



*do not read the back of the book or any descriptions on amazon or goodreads, they give the full plot of the book!!

**I definitely did not think, “…and get something of which I’ve never heard.” just letting you know. my wrong grammar is authentic.

Wow, I might have to read this. I love Robin McKinley with an unholy passion and the description you give of this one makes this sound really good! (Yet apparently I’m not reading Lymond despite you talking about it a lot. I really don’t have a good reason for this. Feel free to try to convince me to proceed differently.)


game of thrones vs. the worst muse


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seasnns said: Congrats on the 500! :D Ben comforting Bea (I am addicted to that oh my god like seeing them all soft is so perfect ugh)


Thank god for Ben.

Beatrice never thought she’d say that, but when Ben is the only one who will sit with her (then with her and Hero on Wednesday and Thursday when she’s recovered enough to come back to school, then just with Bea again on Friday when Hero’s too upset to come), when he’s telling off anyone he sees watching or talking about footage from the party, when he’s not trying to get you or Hero to talk about it, but just being there… well, gratitude is really the only reasonable response.

They don’t say much at lunch on Friday when Hero isn’t there. About halfway through, Ben steals one of her carrot sticks. Bea looks affronted (even though she really doesn’t love carrot sticks and Hero’s usually the one who eats hers), and retaliates by stealing one of his mango slices (without the skin, she notices). By the end of lunch, they’ve each had more of each other’s food than their own.


Five sentence fic No. 33 out of 100
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mlletam said: Hey, do you know which is Ursula's yt channel? On ntmd's channel they only link The Watch and Benedick's. Is that it? Thanks?

The Watch is also Ursula’s! It’s not completely clear but the general opinion I’ve heard is she lets Verges and Dogberry post on her channel or something? Basically they all have the password so sometimes it’s Usula as herself and sometimes it’s them (which Ursula probably doesn’t always watch, because let’s be real would you watch a couple of random kids a few years younger than you chase after cats after the first few times. So she doesn’t realize that Stuff Is Happening on their videos). 


Can we talk about how Ben and Bea are defending Hero’s HONESTY AND LOYALTY and not her “purity and virtue” or whatever the fuck because


I love this so much 

*brb I’m gonna go cry* 


I’ve seen so much appreciation for Jake’s acting in this video (and don’t get me wrong awkward-manatee, it’s amazing), but like harriettstella does such a good job.  Like there is no doubt in my mind when watching this video that she is Beatrice.  She looks so overwhelmed like she’s actually spent the last week troubled by what everyone else is saying and how she doesn’t know what to do for Hero.  She looks so tired and upset that she feels like she’s lost all of her friends.  Seriously, the acting is just perfect.



OKAY SPECULATION AND STUFF UNDER THE CUT (along with spoilers for a 400 year old play)

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I really hope we get another video that picks up right where this left off. Definitely. 





flutish replied to your post: I could write entire essays about the …

Even if you don’t phrase your thoughts perfectly, I’m now very curious to know what you’re thinking about (and also why you think it’ll be unpopular! We’re a safe space, I should hope.).

Well. I don’t think William Darcy is exactly a picture perfect older brother, let’s just go with that. He’s obviously loads better than Leo, but I’d rather he didn’t swoop in and save the day, or anything. I get why people are making comparisons, and that most of the comparisons aren’t even serious, but I’m not a huge fan of how he treated Gigi or Lydia, I guess.

Too long for comment, so I guess reblog it is! Now I’m overthinking the matter, oops.

First of all, I think you’re right regarding the characters. And that the comparison is really much more tongue-in-cheek than it is literal. Still, Darcy wasn’t perfect in his fairly sexist/old-fashioned view of “protecting” Gigi (particularly once she made it clear that she wanted to be involved!). And in that regard, there’s actually a similarity of older-brother protectiveness/sexism between Darcy and Leo.

Except, of course, that Leo is defending Claudio (on the basis that he loved Hero - as if that excuses his unacceptable reaction) rather than presuming to “protect” his sister, and is basically telling Hero “Get over yourself!” (which of course I’m hearing in Bea’s voice now).

But also: Leo is a side-character in which two of the leads are clearly calling him out (or… Bea’s calling him out, and Ben’s making faces). Darcy was the male lead. I think that plays a role in how Darcy’s behavior/treatment of Gigi (and by extension Lydia) is taken into consideration.

I’ll note that I think that NMTD so far outstrips LBD by about fifty thousand miles when it comes to addressing misogyny and ingrained sexism. In LBD it sort of coasted (or flat out remained), but NMTD addresses it head on (and will likely continue to deal with it more overtly). Which is awesometastic.

Thanks for sharing this - it’s given me a lot to think about!

Agreed on all counts — especially your last point!

Also, anywhoozles and flightofthelbd: this was what I was referring to earlier!

Ah, got it. I didn’t realize people were comparing Darcy and Leo. Yeah, Darcy may not be perfect, but he’s way better than Leo in this regard. Also agreed about textual treatment of misogyny - NMTD is knocking that out of the park tbh.

More unpopular opinions, as I’m also not a fan of Darcy’s overprotectiveness in the Gigi Domino spinoff and I feel like that was never sufficiently called out by LBD in the same way that NMTD makes it immediately clear that Leo is problematic: I feel like Darcy’s response to something like this would have been problematic but in a different way.

Like, he would have been on Gigi’s “side” but in a way that denied her agency and perpetuated the notion that slutshaming is an acceptable thing for other girls (like Lydia) just not for her because she’s ~*special*~(“Gigi, it’s okay if you slept with that other guy because you’re still my sister and a Darcy and sweet not like those other girls and he must have deceived you so it’s really his fault.” But he wouldn’t be actually properly listening to her when she said she didn’t, nor would he be able to articulate that regardless of what she did or didn’t do that’s not an acceptable way for Claudio to reply. Also Darcy would threaten Claudio with violence or money and make Hero rush to defend him, thereby also making it about him not what she wants - this is distinct from Bea’s “kill Claudio” moment because that’s by request, but see his high-handed response to Lydia’s crisis).

Darcy and slutshaming is kind of like the way that people manage to be against abortion/contraception for other people because they must be sluts but when it’s them or their family member they manage to make an exception because no one understands their extenuating circumstances.